6-Week Career JumpStart Coaching Program

Seeking a Career Transition?  Our 6-Week Career JumpStart Coaching Program is specially designed for recent college graduates starting a new career, entrepreneurs launching a business, mid-career professionals seeking greater satisfaction or making a complete career shift.

This program includes six weekly coaching sessions, which guide clients toward achieving their successful career transition objectives.  By following this process, participants will become intentional about their search,  polish up a resume and cover letter, enhance social media presence, practice interviewing skills and create a successful transition plan, all in service to achieving that personal mission.

Each week, participants will add new skills to their Career JumpStart arsenal, including these:

  • Crafting Compelling Cover Letters & Resumes
  • Managing Your Social Media Presence
  • Standing Apart from the Crowd
  • Preparing for the Interview
  • Creating a Transition Plan
  • Living the Dream