Our mission

Many leaders struggle to maximize business outcomes, while pursuing their ultimate mission. At Blue Horizon Solutions, we design programs that equip entrepreneurs and executives to lead extraordinary teams, build sustainable organizations, and change the world for good in the process. 

Our history

After 20 years in corporate leadership development, our founder, Shelli Hendricks decided to alter direction. Now, she shares her passion for developing the next generation of leaders through unique learning experiences. 

At Blue Horizon Solutions, we specialize in coaching leaders to unlock extraordinary talent for individuals, teams and organizations. Our programs enable business execution through strategy development, organizational change, succession management, leadership development and coaching.

We accomplish this by:

  • Designing customized learning solutions for corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals
  • Selecting coaches who not only offer a deep understanding of practical business experience, adult learning and leadership development, but also are certified with the International Coach Federation
  • Guiding people not only to become more effective leaders, but also to discover the most fulfilling way to leave an intentional, impactful legacy on the world around them 
  • Working with communities to develop educational programs, processes and events that raise awareness, create dialogue, change behavior, and foster social and ecological sustainability
  • Researching at the intersection of leadership development, transformative learning, social and ecological sustainability

We believe learning is the foundation for social and ecological change. By creating transformative learning experiences, we aspire to develop responsible leaders with a passion for sustainable positive change and an intentional legacy for future generations.  This is what we mean by…



 Blue Horizon Solutions is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations:

             National Speakers Association      International Coach Federation

 San Ramon Chamber of CommerceDanville Chamber of Commerce

Dive Elements      Coral & Fish Safe Products

Independent Contractor with Montrose Travel CST # 1018299-10

For more information, please contact us at: info@bluehorizonsolutions.org Dismiss