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Our proven leadership and professional development workshops provide learning opportunities for individuals, teams and organizations of all sizes. Contact us to customize a learning experience for your intact group or register for these open enrollment events:

Check out our current workshop offerings to address your professional and leadership development goals, including but not limited to :

  • Developing Leadership Presence & Influence
  • Business Builder Bootcamp
  • Powerful Presentations
  • Leading in Times of Change and
  • 7 Keys to Unlock Talent Strategy

Developing Leadership Presence & Influence

Executive presence has long been acknowledged as a critical factor in leadership. However, its definition has often been mysterious and subject to diverse perspectives. As a result, leaders have received feedback on presence without a roadmap for action that connects clearly to business objectives. The default assumption is to equate presence with appearance and presentation skills. While these factors are important, they make up only a small piece of the “executive presence puzzle” that helps leaders sustain goal-directed action in an organization.

Participants in this workshop will experience The Bates Executive Presence Index,™ which takes executive presence to a deeper level. Through extensive research in leadership, communications, psychology, and social action theories and literature, executive presence has been clarified as a three-dimensional model of character, substance, and style. Within these dimensions are 15 distinct facets that are proven to make up a leader’s overall presence and level of influence.

In addition, participants will receive a comprehensive feedback report with data on ratings broken down by rater category and at the item-level. All participants receive professional support to review, interpret, and apply feedback reports. Individualized and group-based approaches to feedback are available based upon the indicated needs of sponsoring companies and individual participants.

Business Builder Bootcamp

Activate your vision with this step-by-step coaching process to help entrepreneurs and business owners create, refresh, and refine business plans.  Participants in this program will be able to:

  • Gather competitive intelligence research
  • Build and foster a professional network
  • Enhance marketing strategies
  • Develop a clearly defined mission statement
  • Create a 90-day Success Plan

Public SpeakingPowerful Presentations

This two-day workshop prepares participants to overcome fears of public speaking, develop and deliver a world-class presentation using proven tools and techniques. By participating in this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • conduct an audience profile 
  • develop a memorable message, targeted to the ideal audience
  • design visual aids that support the message
  • deliver a powerful presentation 
  • receive feedback and video recording of their presentation
  • build confidence in their skills
  • learn from other presenters

Attendance is limited to 12 participants to ensure adequate time and support for each presentation.

Leading in Times of Change

It is often said that the only constant is change.  Whether by innovation, expansion, or  transformation, leaders who understand how to lead their teams and organizations through change can ensure smoother transitions.  By participating in this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand human response to uncertainty, change and transition
  • Manage and anticipate people’s needs in each phase of change
  • Lead teams with understanding and compassion in times of change

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